Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creative Cue : Nail

I was thinking about how sports commentators get all excited when athletes "nail a jump" or "nail a landing." So I depicted a skater in a perfect landing stance. No matter what the jump, all the landings should look like this. I was originally planning to thread sketch this, but it's too hot to sew! So this is just a drawing in my notebook ... colored with the watercolor pencils.

I also added the line of travel, listing the edges (RFI=Right-Forward-Inside Edge; RBO=Right Back Outside Edge). If my memory serves (and it's been a while since I list did one of these jumps), this maps out a toe loop. At one point in my life, I would doodle the lines of travel for various jumps when I was off the ice, just to make them stick in my brain. What a JOY skating was to me then. Makes me want to get back out there!

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