Saturday, July 17, 2010

Creative Cues : Drink and Cloud

I decided to combine 2 recent Creative Cues into this one image. This brilliant idea occurred to me after a rain storm. I visit a 94 year old lady once a week in a nursing home. As I was waiting in the common area outside her room, I saw a live image very similar to this one : The skies were clearing; the still puddle on the cement outside the patio door perfectly reflected the sky. A rabbit hopped up to take a drink from the clouds. He was only there for about 2 seconds. I wished I had my camera along, but the shot would have been gone by the time my camera had charged. This lovely image has been locked safe inside my brain ever since ... until I set it down in my Creative Cues Notebook!

This is a mixed media collage. The background is strips of hand-dyed fabric left over from another project. The rabbit is printed on paper and cut out, as are the grass tufts. It's all just simply glued into my notebook. Too hot to sew these days!

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1 comment:

Karen M said...

In my opinion, best Creative Cue EVER! Love the story and the image.