Sunday, February 06, 2011

Jan 2011 Snow Dyes

This is a picture of the whole 1-yard piece. I used wine and New Black on mercerized cotton.

Here is the last bit of snow before it melted through the fabric. The fabric is sitting on a screen stretched over a bin. On the left, I used Havanna Brown and Black Cherry squirted on the snow in a plaid pattern. On the right, I used Wine and New black squirted on the snow in overlapping circles.

Here's a detail of the havanna brown and black cherry. I figured the havanna brown would split into some interesting colors when I did the dye fractionations study.

I threw a couple crumbled fabrics in the bin underneath to see what color I'd get from the drips down effect. Not bad. I was surprised to see more black on the fabrics in the catch bin down below.

Kilt Green in a separate bucket.


Vicki W said...

Those are spectacular!

Karen S said...

These are gorgeous! I'm going to have to remember that color combination!