Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Artist Showcase : A Few of My Favorite Things

At the UU Art and Craft Sale, last week, I bought a few things myself.
This little "cabbage" mug makes me happy! I love the shape and the color, and the Potter was careful to point out the owl face at the base of the handle. It was made by Marie Sawall of Willow Tree Pottery.

Marie also wanted to show me the Sweet Leaf Notebook journal she had purchased from me a few years ago. She had it along that day, dog-eared and filled with her original songs. Cool! I love to see people using my journals!

Warm Wollen Mittens by Kathy Beyer
This is my weakness. With winters in Wisconsin, these keep my hands toasty warm! And the way these sell (like hotcakes), there are far fewer people saying they are allergic to wool these days!

Dreamcatcher by Debra Morningstar, with sweet grass and willow grown on her own prairie, and feathers collected on her daily walks on the land. A-ho!

This is a Christmas gift for a tiny young woman from Japan. Full of good intentions for her present and future! Thank you, Debra for your so positive spirit, and your music. She'll love it!

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