Sunday, January 15, 2012

Little Things

"My Thoughts Are With You."    
Fabric Postcard.  Techniques : Raw-edge fusible applique with Threadpainting.
I've been wanting to do a postcard of this scene for quite some time.   
My mom put this handy little tool in my Christmas stocking.  It's great for placing small and fickle pieces too delicate for fingers.  

I also finished 2 new quarter-size journals this weekend.  The covers for these comes from a "sop cloth" in my wet studio.  A sop cloth is what you use to wipe up spills, or wipe out the last bit of color from the dye pots.   Some people call them serendipity fabrics.     You never quite know what you're going to get.  It must have been red, purple and black that day : a nice combination.

 This one is for my friend Rolanda, who requested another journal to take on her 2-month tour of India and South-East Asia this summer.     This kind of tie-dye totally fits her personality, too.  It has 2 extra signatures in it (over the usual 3).   I hope she likes it.  ;-)

This one is for me.  I'm planning to use it as a "creative calisthenics" journal, with serendipity collages and ink-splats.   More on that later --when I actually get my workspace cleared enough to do some of these.   I also needed a quarter-size journal of my very own, to use as a model for making more.  I sold the last one I had at the craft sale in December.   I picked up some embellishment at the local liquidator store : a heart with wings.    I'm curious as to how long it will stay on the cover.  So consider it a test.


Robin said...

Hi There... wow these post cards are awesome..! and I love the journals too...your blog is have so many gorgeous talents..!

Angela said...

Hi Michele, I absolutely love your postcard!! Thanks for your comment on my self post. Your on no reply setting so I haven't been able to mail you, please can you send me your address so that I can surprise you with a little something at somepoint in 2012. Warmest Wishes Angela

Anonymous said...

I visited your Web site recently and sent the link to a friend in Seattle, who said it was inspiring. :-) It is!