Sunday, January 01, 2012

Winter Solstice : A Comparative Quilt Study

Michele's Winter Solstice Quilt

Holly's Winter Solstice Quilt

My Mother (Holly) and my Aunt Rosita were the ones who got me into quilting almost 10 years ago.  They have a fantastic quilt shop in Antigo where they could take classes to learn all these new techniques--like raw-edge applique.  They even picked out a "new" sewing machine for me at this shop (A Husqvarna Viking Rose -- which I still use).     My mom was able to take a class to learn "scribble" applique.  I live too far away to take the class, so she gave me the shortened version, and I took the patterns and played on my own.

Even though it's the same McKenna Ryan pattern, we both made different color choices, embellishment and quilting choices, so that they really look like different quilts.  The maker's personality can come through.  That's why Quilting is so popular : It's versatile!

Enjoy this comparative study of the two Winter Solstice Quilts :

Michele's Encounter Block

Holly's Encounter Block
Detail of Holly's Encounter Block
Michele's 3 Bears

Holly's 3 Bears  (Sorry--I cut off the 3rd bear in the photo.)
Michele's Old Tree / Holly's Old Tree

Michele's Starry Night Block

Holly's Starry Night Block

Michele's Cabin Block     /         Holly's Cabin Block

  Detail of Michele's Cabin in the Woods.

Michele's Wolf Moon Block

Holly's Wolf Moon Block

Michele's 3 Chickadees Block

Holly's 3 Chickadees Block

Michele's Corner Chickadees  /     Holly's Corner Chickadees

Detail of border quilting with the embroidery unit on Michele's Quilt.

The Beauty and Variety of Quilting is Amazing!


Mande said...

This is very interesting. It's the same with scrapbooking. We can use the same template and have two completely different looks because of the colors or textures we choose. I love makin' stuff!

Although I love the blues in your version of the quilt, I also like Mom's subtle color choices. They are each unique and look quite different when put side by side.

Robin said...

wow..I love these quilt blocks...that is a dream I have some learn quilting...These are just amazing..!!