Sunday, January 01, 2012

Winter Solstice Quilt

I finished this quilt back in 2005.    I was still a new quilter, and the techniques of raw edge applique and free-motion stitching were new concepts for me.  The separate blocks broke the total project down into manageable chunks--It was kind of addicting when I started it.  I remember staying up late at night --way past my usual bed-time--just to work on these blocks.  I could't wait to see how they turned out! This is a McKenna Ryan pattern from the early 2000s ...  It doesn't seem to be available anymore, or I'd provide a link.

I remember learning to free-motion stitch and feeling like the world had opened wide for me with that new knowledge.   There were a lot of firsts for me on this quilt :

* raw-edge applique
* free-motion embroidery
* free-motion quilting
* beadwork

* using the embroidery unit on my sewing machine (that turned out to also be the last time I used it)
* printing to fabric (There's a poem on the back ...)

* altering a given pattern.  The original had Father Christmas carrying skis on his back.  I changed it to a load of wood.

When it was finished and hung, I remember laying down on the couch so I could look at it, mesmerized in a kind of meditation.  Even though I had worked every inch of it up close, it seemed to take on another life at a distance.  I LOVE when that happens!

And now, when I look at it, I'm still amazed and fascinated with it.   Now I also see it as an accurate record of my skill set at that time.  If I were to do it again now, I would do more embellishment, more free-motion embroidery.  I'd really color in the spaces more, add more texture, secure those beads better.   That was also when I didn't really see the need to square up a quilt top before adding borders, and binding.  It's a constant reminder of how far I've come! Cheers!

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farmlady said...

This is so interesting. I'm not a quilter but I would love to try these kinds of quilt pieces. They are unique and a size that wouldn't make me give up or wear out before I finished.
Thanks for showing us these pretty little quilted gems.
Happy New Year!