Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Color : Silk Scarves


This spring, we're taking another trip to France to see family and friends.  Christian's Grandmother turned 100 this week!  So the grandchildren are throwing her a party in celebration. 

I usually make something to give the womenfolk who host us.  This year, I made a dozen of these hand-dyed scarves, using Spectra Bleeding Art Tissue.  This is a project so easy and non-toxic, you can do it with kids!

Brief Tutorial for making these Scarves - Conversations in Cloth, our local fiber and art quilt group (now defunct)  Thanks to Joann for sharing the technique!

Supplies :
Blank Scarves from Dharma Trading
     I tend to get the 8 in x 54 in. Satin Silk, China Silk, or Crepe de chine, but they certainly have a variety to choose from!

Spectra Bleeding Art Tissue
       From Dharma Trading Company
       From Dick Blick Art Supplies

Here's a picture of a wet scarf with tissue paper wrapped up in it.  It's "batching."

Here is the scarf after I picked off the spent tissue paper.  You can see the color successfully transferred to the silk.  This is a good sign!

To set the color, I put all the scarves in a hot dryer for about 10 minutes.  You could also use a warm iron.

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Robin said...

Those will be very lucky women..I hope you have fun in France...what a celebration..!