Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kim Klassen's SkiniMini Class for PhotoShop Elements : Lesson 1

For Christmas last year, I got some money and purchased my very own official copy of PhotoShop Elements (PSE).    I've looked at a lot of the free image software, but this is the one people seem to refer to most often.  So I finally got it--trouble is, it's not exactly the most intuitive program out there, so I'll need to call in some reinforcements ...

Fortunately for me, Kim Klassen is offering a FREE SkinnyMini 10-day online class on some of the basics of PSE.    Sign up here.  I have long been a fan of Kim Klassen's GORGEOUS textures, and am determined to learn how to use them with my own images this year. 

The Honey Crisp Apple above is my homework assignment for Lesson 1, in which we learn to duplicate an image, crop it, add text, and save it in a variety of formats.   So far, so good!

I took this picture last year when I was working on still-life shots for the Sketchbook Challenge.  I had in mind to draw/sketch this apple, but I never got round to it.   With all the talk of Honey Crisp Apples on ABC'S Once Upon a Time, I thought this would be a timely and appropriate subject.  ;-)

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