Sunday, April 29, 2012

Beauty by Mail : Dancing Crow Disc

I was gratefully gifted with one of Dancing Crow's stitched textile art discs.  Yippeeee!

Every day, Lee Thomson practices her Art.  This year, she is thread-painting (or otherwise crafting) a 3-inch disc every day.  This one is from March 3, 2012, where the color theme was black-white-gray to reflect winter outside.   Because there are 365 in a year, she winds up with a lot of discs, so she's been giving them away to appreciative readers, like me. ;-)

I started reading her Dancing Crow blog a few years ago, when she was making a new fabric postcard every day.  As with the Discs, the size is small enough to do and finish in a day.  Hence a great way to practice her craft, explore new avenues, techniques, and ideas, without too much investment if it doesn't work out. Or another chance to practice another day, if it does work out. 

Although, I have not managed to adopt this admirable practice in my own life, I enjoy seeing what Lee comes up with every day.   I have enjoyed the ride as Lee shares her creative journey.   Please visit her blog and look at some of her work.  You won't be sorry!

Last summer, she did a series of chickens, and made them available as postcards.   I purchased the set, and framed them.  Now Dancing Crow's chickens watch over me as I'm working in my sewing room / studio. 

Just another example of how we inspire each other.  Thanks, Lee!

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