Sunday, April 01, 2012

Earth and Sky Triads : Another Candiotic Table of Periodic Color

The past few weeks, I've been working on dyeing the swatches for a 2nd Candiotic Table with 2 other sets of  primaries.   See the Brights & Naturals Table here.  Again, it amazes me how many colors can come out of 3 simple primaries (in this case 66 swatches per set of primaries).  And I haven't even gotten into shades and tones here--that's the next couple lessons.

If you're interested in learning how to do this, Sign up here for the online class with Candy G. at Candied Fabrics.

A few notes on the making of this table :

Sky Triad Primaries :
Lemon Yellow (ProChem)
Boysonberry (ProChem)
Sky Blue (Dharma)

Earth Triad Primaries :
Golden Yellow (ProChem)
Strongest Red (ProChem)
Deep Navy (ProChem)
Quite a range with all these choices, isn’t there?
Yes, I love color and texture, too!

* Lots of gorgeous dark, earthy colors -- blues, grays, browns.  Rich!

* Lots of nice purples in the sky set, too.

* It was a worthwhile exercise doing these extra 2 sets for the additional colors and recipes.  

*Some of the colors were so dark in the earth set, I thought they would get lost if I mounted in on black felt.  So for this round, I went with the recommended white felt.  However, the local felt that I was able to buy was not wide enough.  I didn't want to wrestle with a bulky seem rippling the background, so I butted the edges together and used a bridging stitch :

 However, I was afraid that might pull apart in future ...  so I found this fusible tape intended for joining batting.  It worked like 2 charms!   It seems strong and reinforces the seam, without adding bulk.  It also stays pliable.  I was also concerned about not making that seem stiff with additional layers of  fusible.  I think this was a good choice for extending the background field of felt.

Next lesson is color wheels ...


Thelma said...

Such beautiful colors!! Is that red Boysenberry? I love those colors!!! Both tables look great!

Anonymous said...

You guessed it! That's the Boysenberry at the upper right corner of the table. Such beautiful purples! Mmmmmh!

Anonymous said...

Aha I knew it !! Lol thank you so much Michele for doing these colors. I wanted to try boysenberry but haven't done it yet.They make beautiful colors. Definately gotta do it now. Lol


Anonymous said...

Gosh these are FANTASTIC! You are an awesome overachiever! ;-)

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure she dyed another two triads I've suggested. Those will be in wrap up session I'm working on.