Thursday, June 07, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 13 : 10 Truths about Me

Kim Klassen's Beyond Layers class is 52 weeks of Inspiration.  This week's assignment is to share 10 truths about myself.  I don't usually do that here on Sweet Leaf Notebook, but here it goes ...

1)  I love big, black furry dogs of the Newfie variety.  Meet Maggie, my 2nd-Chance Newf.  She is the sweetest dog you'd ever want to meet.
2) I lived in a housing coop in Madison, WI, for 7 years. I can hardly believe I stayed so long!
3) I met my sweet and wonderful husband at that Coop.   We left together.  ;-)  I guess I had to stay there long enough for him to move in!
4) I'm not much of a housekeeper.  I'd much rather spend my time making stuff, than cleaning up.
5) I am an INFJ which means I recharge my batteries at home, being quiet--making stuff and being creative.  Or just reading. Or blogging. Or working on PhotoShop pics.  Or Sewing. Or Dyeing ...
6) I love a good cuppa tea, and sitting by the fire in Winter.
7) I am trained as a Hospice Volunteer.  This is one of the most important jobs I do.

The road to Faery Glen, Isle of Skye.
8) My favorite country is Scotland.  Love the green!  Love the accents!  Love Robert Carlyle!  Give me those ever-changing, moody skies any day over a burning, hot sun.   This feels like home!
9) I won a bronze medal for figure skating in the Badger State Games in 1996.   For many years, skating was my absolute JOY!  I didn't get to take lessons until I went to college, so no--I wasn't one of those 6-year olds dreaming of winning the Olympics.  I skated because I loved the way it felt--smoooth and fluid.  I felt Beautiful on the ice.
10) I do NOT have a cell phone, and I get along just fine without one.   :-)

About the top image :
I used one of the Ginger Pixel Storyboard templates.
Picked 4 family pictures.
Used Kim Klassen's "Dear Dreamer" Texture as the background.
Added a layer for text, using Caflisch Script Pro font.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful----inside and out!!! You are a very special person & friend. Housecleaning is something that I don't enjoy either!!! Too much else to do that is fun!!!! Jo Ann

Eija said...

Dropping by from Beyond Layers -- loved reading your ten truths, so many there that I can relate to. Am a tea-loving dog-owner, too (though not Newfie but Dandie), just visited Scotland for the first time this spring and loved it, and am at the moment sitting by the computer to avoid having to clean the house...