Saturday, June 09, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 14 : Black and White with a Touch of Color

The Frog Prince

I am really pleased with this image!
 I followed Kim's recipe for this one and it worked out marvelously!
I used Pioneer Woman's PW BW Action to turn the image black and white.  It worked like 2 charms!  So easy (once I figured out how to install Actions.)   In the end, though, I turned off the Light Layer because it seemed a little too washed out.  Then I used the layer mask and the brush tool to erase the black & white treatment from a few choice areas of the image.  It's a little difficult to see the emerald jewel on the frog prince's crown, but it's there. 

Here's the original photo straight from my camera.  The little pewter frog prince, a blossom from the garden, and a tea cup behind him, sitting on a gold table runner.   This particular photo caught a nice little sun flare (like a light rainbow) off the top of the cup.   A nice surprise!

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farmlady said...

IT's the nice surprises that makes photography so fun. I love the sun flare.
Nice photo indeed!