Sunday, June 03, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 12 : Brush Lovin' Bliss

Whew!  This lesson went much better than the Painterly Effect!
We learned about brushes in PSE, which are essentially more like digital stamps.
It can be another way to add text, or a watermark, or --wait for it -- digital stamps.

Follow Your Bliss is one of my favorite sentiments.  I discovered Joesph Campbell on PBS when Bill Moyers did the Power of Myth conversations with him back in 1988 (or so).  Listening to their conversations opened up the world to me that summer.  Everything made sense!  Religion, Myth, Science, Poetry, Literature -- It all came together in Joseph Campbell's world view. 

Follow your bliss, and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls.
--Joseph Campbell

Here's the PSE recipe for this image layer-by-layer :
Layer 1 : Duplicate background
Layer 2 : Kim Klassen's Follow Your Bliss Brush Stamp - Normal Blend Mode at 100% opacity
Text color chosen from the golden leaf.
Layer 3 : Duplicate Layer 2
Layer 4 : Kim Klassen's Happy Heart Texture - Multiply Blend Mode at 46%

Part 2 of this class was to create a watermark that can be added to our images as a brush, or more intuitively known as a digital stamp.  Who-hooh! I did it!  Actually, I made up 3 of them, but I'll only trouble you with this one now.



Beverly said...

Very lovely leaf photo! I haven't yet created my watermark, and am looking forward to joining you with having one. Wonderful work!

Julia said...

Beautiful photo and lovely post!