Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beyond Layers Day 30 : Triptych

Part 2 of this week's lesson was to create a trio of related pics.  After much deliberation, I finally chose the same pictures from the animated GIF in the previous post.   Mostly because they went together.   This was a fun piece to do--I must be getting considerably more comfortable with PhotoShop Elements!  No swearing this time!

Photo Processing :
Clean edits on each of the three photos, separately.
Make each photo black and white, separately.
Kim showed us how to use the crop tool to extend the canvas on the background of a single photo.  That way, you can make extra room for the additional photos.  It was pretty easy to drop them in place!
Now that the 3 pics act as 1 unit, I tied them all together by adding a layer of Kim Klassen's Wonderful Magic at Soft Light blend mode at 54% opacity.
At this point, I saved a copy of the triptych with layers intact, in case I want to revisit it later.
I saved new copy with a flattened image :

Then I essentially started a new project by bringing in the turquoise background by Lost and Taken Turquoise Grunge 10.
Then I simply laid the flattened triptych on top as a new layer, and sized each accordingly.
For the Triptych, I played with the Layer > Layer Style > Style Settings for drop shadow and bevel effects.
Finally, the Text layer :  Pea Aimee font at 100 pt.  

That's it!  What do you think?


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Eija said...

Oh yes, looks good! (After I've completed the challenges myself, I'm visiting yours...) You've used the triptych in much the same way I thought it'd be useful for me later on, in creating scrapbooking layouts.

Also, I think this take does better credit to Oliver than the gif, good as that one was, too.