Saturday, January 19, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 75 : Celebrating Growth

Today, Kim asked us to take a moment to acknowledge the progress we've made so far in the Beyond Layers Class the last 8 months.    Through the class, I've met some neat people around the world : Bev in Indiana; Julia in Scotland; Eija in Finland, and Mary Ann in LaCrosse who likes barns in Wisconsin.  

I decided to make a little "movie" with some of my favorite images from BL class assignments so far.   It's a nice way to review the work so far.   I've come a long way with PhotoShop Elements.  I remember how frustrated I was with it a year ago ...  This class has been a tremendous help!  I had no idea what Actions were, or Brushes.  I knew about Textures, but I had no idea how to use them in images.  I took some risks--especially with the Vasalisa pictures, hiring a model and investing in props.

For this photo montage, I used Picasa's Movie Maker, then uploaded it to You Tube.  The hardest part was picking a fitting song!  It's Syd Straw's "Golden Dream."




Robin said...

Wow Michelle...this video is awesome..what great work youve created...the class sounds great...good for you..I know digital can be very complicated and have so many steps its easy to forget ...the sound did not work on my could be something on my end..Im not sure...Thank you so much for the kind word about my Mom...I posted last week a copy of the obit I created and then my blog got a virus and I had to delte the whole I added the pic of her that I had been looking for and just was one of my favs...she fell in October and it was downhill from there...thats why I have been absent from blogging..and creating..I just didnt have it in me..she was a big supporter of my art so now I want to get back into creating...its hard though..Talk to you soon..!Thank Again.. Robin

Dee J. said...

I've been following your blog for a while and love the work you're doing with digital photography. The overview of your favorite works is a beautiful composition. (loved the music too)