Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 77 : View from Above

Any guesses as to what this might be?
The title of today's post should give you a hint.
Give up?  Scroll down for the answer ...

It's a street lamp reflected in an icy puddle during a January thaw.  My husband and I were going out for lunch that day.   We had just parked the car and were walking in when I spied this vision of beauty in the gutter.   I love it when that happens! I was looking down into the puddle to capture a view from above.

This revolution in digital photography and iphoneography is really amazing!  We are free to take pictures of everyday things we never would have wasted on film.   I'm lovin' it!  I could do a whole series on the interesting things to be found in gutters!

Here's the image straight from my camera. 
To get the image at the top of this post, 
I pulled it into PSE, then RadLab and applied the following filters at default settings : 
POS Lens
EZ Burn Original
Antique Tone
Blueberry Cobbler

No other textures were added.  I thought the texture of the pavement was enough!
There's a quote on the tip of my tongue that I might add as soon as I pin it down ...



Beverly said...

Oh Michelle, this is really artistic and interesting! Your capture is fun, and great edit. You are so right, we would never has "wasted" film on so many of the shots we take today on digital! It's so much more fun and freeing! I love it too! Thanks so much for your comments this morning, and I hope you are doing well!

Anonymous said...

You were above but the image is from below. Reflecting on a reflection were you?
--Vicki M.