Monday, January 07, 2013

Beyond Layers Day 72 : Tea-Stained Brushes

Kim originally released this lesson back in December so the timing was right to do a Holiday Samplar Christmas Card.  I missed the boat on that by being so many weeks behind.   As Kim says in the lesson, take the techniques and adapt them--so I did.  This looks vastly different from the digitally stitched sampler Kim made for her example in the lesson.    Proof that the techniques she teaches are transferable!

Many people this year are picking one word as a touchstone for the year, in lieu of new year's resolutions.  Last year, my one-word was Story and it worked so well for me that I had a hard time giving it up--until I realized I don't have to give it up. I've internalized it. ;-)   With so many opportunities out there, it was a wonderful way to focus.  This year, I've settled on Open-Hearted.   We'll see where it takes me ... 

Nancy (one of my Beyond Layers Classmates) at Rainbow Light Angel has an excellent post on One Little Word for 2013.  She includes some great resources for helping you pick your own word for the year.  Stop by and check out her blog--She's one of the most positive people!

The Making of this Image :
Layer 1)  New blank background image.
Aside : At some point I managed to stamp a green version of the world map in Layer 3 on this blank layer.  It didn't seem to add or detract, so I left it there.
Layer 2) Kim Klassen's Tea-stained Muslin Texture - stretched and blurred.
Layer 3) World Map Brushes from here.   Stamped in a Sepia color.
Aside :  I absolutely love these!  I found them while I was searching for a viney stitched border brush closer to Kim's example.   Necessity is the Mother of Invention, and I made this work.
Another Aside : I really liked the idea of using the map brush because 1) the one-word touchstone acts like a map for the year and 2) it gives this idea of being open to the world, open to the unknown, and willing to learn something new about myself.  There's so much possibility in this one little word!
Layer 4) Kim Klassen's Naturally Texture - smallified - Normal blend mode ; 75% opacity
Layer 5 ) Open Heart Brush from here.    (Normal 100%)
Layer 6) Text - "Open-Hearted" Caflisch Script Pro - Normal 100%
Layer 7) Text -  2013 - Normal 28%
I wanted the year to fade into the background more.



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Beverly said...

Michelle, you are absolutely wonderful at giving us a nice background of how and why you come to make an image, and then all the processing and thoughts that develop. This is gorgeous - thanks for the links. Yes, Nancy is such a positive and lovely person, and so kind of you to mention her here. :) Have a wonderful day!