Friday, August 09, 2013

2BD25 : Capturing Our Furry Friends

Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own 
and makes it larger and better in every way.                    
                                                           --John Muir

This week, Kim encouraged us to get to know our cameras better by taking pictures of our "furry friends."   Since I posted a photo of my darling Newfie a few weeks ago, I decided to post a few of my favorite non-pet animal pics.   

At the top of this post, is an Elk encounter in Banff, Alberta, Canada, in July.  One evening, my friend J and I went for a walk and found this beauty munching supper by the train tracks.  I was trying to catch the sun on the velvet of her antlers.   Shooting wildlife has it's own set of challenges.  This scene happened at the edge of town.  We identified an escape route, or protected place in case it decided to charge.  Then we took a few pics.  We were the first to see it, and soon after many other people came along to also take pictures.  Many of these people were getting foolishly and dangerously close to this wild animal.  Since we did not want to witness a stampede, we got outta there before things got ugly. 

This is a goat on the Brantmeier Farm in Monroe, WI, from a few years ago.  It's been sitting in my archives just waiting for a good opportunity to get published.  ;-)  I used some of the settings in LightRoom5 to tone down the green grass in the background and a few other adjustments. 

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Beverly said...

How exciting you went to Banff! I hear it is quite extraordinary and beautiful! Love your take on the "furry friends" ... yours are way more fun as are the stories that go with getting these great shots!! I must apologize for not getting back sooner about LR. The thing called "work" got crazy this summer. At last though, I am now retired! But then, I accidentally cleaned out a bunch of my flickr emails and don't have the one with your questions/etc. :( Please feel free to email thru Flickr again.