Thursday, July 04, 2013

2BD17 : Eyes-on-the-Prize Do-Over

For this week's lesson, Kim asked us to critique our own work.  Work worked well?  What could be better?  Consider what we'd have done different and give ourselves a chance at a do-over.  I took the Maggie-apple pic from the last post.  After sleeping on it, I thought I could improve it ...

As a reminder, here it is from The Apple Sessions.  I decided the green was just too overpowering, so I used The Coffee Shop Blog's Selective Color Action to black-and-white-ify the image, and used a layer mask to brush back in selective color on the apple and Maggie's face.  True, she is a black dog, but returning the color to her eye and tongue really helped bring it back to life.  Not to mention the many shades of black in her beautiful coat!    I also cropped it down to be more square.

Yes!  I'm much happier with this do-over.  I think this one is worth framing and printing!  Thanks to Kim for suggesting the do-over and giving us the chance to revisit one of our pics.

 Here's the Evil Queen Do-Over.  Again, I used the Selective Color Action (as above) to tone down the too-green background.  But she came out looking more like a cartoon character (Well--I know she is Disney, but that's not quite the effect I was going for here.)  I added a few textures, and a gradient to brighten her face and tone down the purple in her gown.    Yes--another tweaking success!

This is where I left it the other day.  I'm liking the new one better!

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Beverly said...

Hi Michelle...The apple challenge was one of the most fun ones for me, and it looks like it was for you too! Your creativeness really is spot-on with each one of your photos. The Apple Queen is great, but so it the dog eyeing the apple. You are making great progress catching up. Each lesson has some great techniques. Hope you are having a wonderful week!

Anonymous said...

I love your 'Eyes-on-the-Prize Do-Over'. Wow!