Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Journals 2013 : Set 2 : Silk, Batiks, and Hand-Dyed Journals

Here's the second set of new journals for 2013.  
These journal covers are made from silk, batik, and hand-dyed fabric.

 Textured Silk Rainbow Journal (115)
The whole journal cover spread out.

Detail of the golden button closure.

 Rust-dyed Journal (108)
Yes, I actually dyed this fabric with rust.  
The addition of tannin created the iron gray color in addition to the usual rust.
Detail of shell closure.

Batik Journal with Silver Button  (114)

Detail of the silver button closure. 

 Blue and Plum Snow-Dyed Journal (109)
This journal is actually bluer in real life.  
 Detail of button closure.

Blue and Brown Dyed Journal (103)
This fabric is textured with salt to make interesting designs.
 Detail of the button closure.  
Kind of looks like the moon!


The Idaho Beauty said...

Your attention to detail with the unique closures sets your journals apart. It reminds me of the way my friend finished her padfolios with such unusual closures while I started skipping that step. I'm convinced many people were drawn to her padfolios and then bought them because of her beautiful closures. I'm sure people will feel the same about your journals.

Michele Matucheski said...

Thanks, Sheila. I won't be too broken-hearted if they don't sell at the craft show. I like them all so much, I wouldn't mind keeping them for myself!

Closures are a fun thing--actually necessary for the way I use these journals, stuffing them with scraps of cloth and paper. It would all fall out without the closures! I can also justify buying a $5 button--just 1-- because I don't need 20 of them for a sweater!