Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Journals 2013 : Set 4 : Faux Leather

 This set of new journals showcases some of the faux leather journals.
The surface design technique textures paper to look like weathered leather.  

 Faux Leather Journal No. 102

 Quarter-size Faux Leather Journal (no. 96)  with "crushed" button closure.

 Quarter-size Faux Leather Journal (no. 97)  with woven wooden button closure.


The Idaho Beauty said...

That faux leather from paper has always fascinated me and I swear some day I'm going to try it!

Robin said...

Omg these are so gorgeous..just love the hope all is well..!

Robin said...

These are gorgeous Michelle...I really love what you did with them...happy thanksgiving to you..!