Saturday, November 02, 2013

October Photo-Heart Connection : Pomogranites and Pears


It's fall, the time of year you can buy pomegranates at the grocery store.  It always reminds me of the myth of Persephone being abducted to be the wife of Hades in the Underworld, and eating part of a pomegranate there.  Her mother Ceres was so bereft at their separation that she neglected the harvest (hence Winter).  But because Persephone only ate part of the Pomegranate, she was allowed to rejoin her mother for part of the year. That's our Summer, the growing season when Ceres is happily reunited with her daughter.

In October, I had an adverse reaction to a flu shot.  For a few days I was in a bad place of pain and sleep deprivation (my own personal Hades).  I needed my mother (a retired public health nurse who'd given thousands of flu shots during her work life).  Usually, she's just a phone call away.  But at the time, she was traveling and unreachable.  When she finally called, it was so wonderful to finally hear her voice.  A lifeline.  She made me laugh about the situation, but also seek help.  Yes--I'm 43 years old, and I still need my Mumma.  I'm glad she's still around.

Here's the recipe in PSE :
Layer 1 : Background Photo
Layer 2 : Old Photo Action ; Normal 70% opacity (to bring back some color)
Layer 3 : Subtle Grunge Texture 2 ; Overlay 27% (to bring back some light)
Layer 4 : Copy Layer 3 ; Multiply 34%
Layer 5 : Kerstin Frank Texture 7655750280 ; Multiple 58%


Susan said...

I love the processing on your image-thank you for sharing your steps. It has the warmth of a winter kitchen-one would belong to a mother or grandmother.
I think there are times no matter our age that we all "need" our mothers. I'm lucky, mine lives just 2 miles away.

seabluelee said...

Your recipe cooked up a delicious photo from those pears and pomegranates! The finished image looks rather like a renaissance painting. I'm lucky never to have had a bad reaction from a flu shot. I'm glad you got your comfort from your "mumma" at last!

Prairie Jill said...

Gorgeous processing of your image! And a sweet story to accompany it.

Kathryn said...

Loved the story and yes we all need our mothers no matter how old we are.

Kat Sloma said...

Oh yes, there is nothing like having Mom around when you are sick! I'm glad you had the opportunity to finally connect with her, even if she couldn't be there to take care of you. This is a lovely image and really beautiful processing. I like the subtle, aged colors! Thank you for sharing in the Photo-Heart Connection this month!

Kim Stevens said...

I think that knowing I still need my mom at 51, gives me hope that as my daughter is in her first year of college, she will still need me too. Your photo is so beautifully processed!

Adrienne said...

Gorgeous processing of the photo. At first glance I thought of the many still life paintings I've seen in museums. I have worked hard to be that mom for my kids ... cause I don't have a "safe" mom to turn to and it can kinda stink sometimes. My husband has this with his mom - and it's so nice to read about it here!

rakusribut said...

wonderful processing, great hues and texture, reminds me of a 17th century fruit still life, great job!

Miriam said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my PHC. The tractor has been fairly visible for ever in 'the shed' so unfortunately no memories for Ben. I love your PHC, picture and story so much. I had a look through your blog... you have lovely things to look at, I'm looking forward to visiting you again. Miriam
The comment mod for this is 'for me u' (we all need our mums x)