Sunday, December 29, 2013

Winter Quilt : Gift from my Mom

Look what my mom gave me for Christmas.    ;-)   She knows me pretty well after all these years!  It's me in a quilt.   She even named it "Michele," because I love winter so much. 

The funny thing is, we went to the local quilt shop on Christmas Monday so I could use up the GC from last year.  And I saw another version on the wall--I didn't notice it until AFTER I had checked out.  I was seriously thinking about purchasing the pattern and materials to make it myself.  Now I'm chuckling thinking about what excuses they might have come up with to NOT sell it to me--knowing full well that Ma was giving me a completed version for Christmas.

I hung it outside my sewing room, so I can see it every morning when I get up and head downstairs for breakfast.  Thanks, Ma!


Anonymous said...

Glad you like the "Michele". I thought of you the entire time I worked on it.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Isn't that lovely? My mother in law had a similar prescience years ago when she made us a log cabin quilt. At the time it was on my list of traditional quilts to make, really like it still, but as is always the case, was having trouble getting around to it. I was so thrilled she took care of it for me!