Friday, January 17, 2014

Beyond Beyond Day 32 : Autumn Processing


I'm a few months late with this.  Kim took a break from posting lessons due to some serious family health issues, and I got out of the habit of working on the lessons every week.  Time to get back into it ...

For this lesson, Kim provided 2 Autumn Copper LightRoom presets that would turn a summer original into a coppery autumn scene.  Here's my shot at it :

Kim designed the presets for RAW photos, not jpgs.  So she advised we may need to back off some of the settings for jpgs--which I did in the basic panel.

I'm still really struggling with LightRoom.   Even after Kim's Round Trip Class.  I make the adjustments, and then export it, but I still have a hard time finding the images I just worked on.  It's really frustrating.  Enough to make me go back to Picassa for normal editing.  Except the LightRoom presets don't work in Picassa.

 Here's the original from my Barns of Wisconsin series one summer.

Beyond Layers

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