Monday, January 06, 2014

Cello by the Lake (Variations)

Cello by the Lake  (Version 5)
In a previous version, you couldn't really tell that it was next to a Lake because on that overcast morning, the sky melded with the water on the horizon.  In this version, I tried to make that division a little more explicit.

Here's the recipe :
Layer 1 : Background Image
Layer 2 : RadLab - Troy, Fuzzy Navel, Meadowlark
Layer 3 : Texture Kim Klassen Cool Grunge - Soft Light 100%
Layer 4 : Texture 2 Little Owls Fairy Tales 12 - Multiply 74%
Layer 5 : Texture 2 Little Owls Artisan 3(5) (on lake only) - Soft Light 63%
Layer 6 : Texture 2 Little Owls Artisan 2(5) - Soft Light 100%
Layer 7 :  Texture Kim Klassen Paper Stained Music - Soft Light 69%
Layer 8 :  Texture Sheet Music Notes - Soft Light 54% (with selective masking on and around the cello)
Layer 9 : Text - Jellyka Le Grande Saut

 Cello by the Lake (Version 3)
Here's the Recipe :
Layer 1 : Background Image
Layer 2 : RadLab to make black and white / desaturate
Layer 3 : Texture 2LO Fairy Tales 12 - Multiply 66%
Layer 4 : Texture 2LO Artisan 2(5) - Soft Light 38%
Layer 5 : Texture Coffee Shop Blog Decadence - Darken 53%
Layer 6 : Text - Jellyka Le Grand Saut Font

Final Treatment was I'm feeling lucky in Picassa before exporting it.  This brightened up the center area nicely.

In this one, I chose NOT to straighten the horizon (actually I tried, but my computer was not letting my save basic changes at this point, so I went with the flow ...).  I actually like this better is it gives the idea that the earth is round, that there's a curve to the horizon.  This way, the horizon line echoes the shoreline a little better, too.


The Idaho Beauty said...

I didn't even notice the curve of the horizon in the second one until you pointed it out. Comparing the two with that info in hand, I found the second one, curved, looked more natural to me, and certainly more interesting. Those little things we take for granted...

Diane said...

Really lovely work. Happy New Year

Prairie Jill said...

Gorgeous edits! I really like the textures.