Saturday, January 25, 2014

Color & Texture Spree : New Yarns for the Stash

Part of the Winter Yarn Spree.   Isn't this gorgeous yarn?  
I love the color changes and the bit of sparkle.  
I'm thinking it will make a nice triangle shawl, and/or a cowell. 

This time of year, I usually have some extra money from Christmas and gift certificates, etc.  If I have extra money, I usually spend it on art supplies. [Go figure ...]   This year is no exception.   I thought about trying to dye up my own version of this Midnight Brocade yarn, then I thought--that's crazy!  It's readily available.  Just buy it.  Save the one-of-a-kind home dying for things I can't otherwise purchase (and there are some of those, too.) 

About $5 / ball at Knitting Warehouse
The fiber content is acrylic with some wool and a little sparkle.
Yummy Colors!
I'm interested to see how this yarn does on the Triangle Loom.  I'm hoping for a sunset pattern [Scroll down to the June Franklin section], but I may have to dye that myself according to the specifics of my loom.  I have the means and the know-how. ;-)  If the color spacing doesn't work for the Tri-Loom, I can always make another crocheted cowell : portable handwork.

Where do you like to buy yarn?

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Diane said...

You know I must be seeing completely different yarns because I usually am not all that keen on the multi coloured yarns but this rich luscious one from Red Heart is so lovely. And the one you used for your shawl too is really beautiful. Maybe I need to find another store to browse through different yarns. Love these