Sunday, May 25, 2014

2BD47 Beyond Beyond : Traveling Pics

This photo is from our recent trip to France.  Driving through the Auvergne Region (Volcania), we saw this fantastic rainbow amid the storm clouds.   With a just a few touch-ups to the contrast, this image developed.  Wow!  I love how the clouds show up so clearly and dramatically, with the French countryside drenched in sunlight from behind us.  It actually turned into a FULL rainbow, but I couldn't fit it into the picture frame, so I finally sat back and enjoyed the moment as long as it lasted.  Ahhhh!

Kim's object lesson this week was about using the VSCO iPhone app and transferring files between a camera, computer and various mobile devices with DropBox.  I don't have an iPhone yet (though I'm set to inherit my husband's later this summer after he upgrades), so I just practiced what I could between my MacBook and iPad and played with a few apps in between.


The original photo was a still-life taken at the French Country home of long-time family friends, Michelle and Jean-Paul DeBax in Toulouse, France.  The original is a lovely image in and of itself : Don't be surprised to see another version of it in the near future.  For this lesson, though, I pulled it into SnapSeed and used some of the Grunge filters/textures there. 

 The original photo was taken at Fairy Glen on The Isle of Skye in Scotland earlier in May.  Just us and the Sheep on a rainy day at Fairy Glen--one of Skye's best kept secrets!  I pulled this one into The Waterlogued app.  Of all the treatments, I liked Travelougue best for this one. 

The Photo Challenge to post for this lesson could be any recent photo ...  hence the Rainbow at the top of this post.  I had to share it somewhere!

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