Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Free & Easy Edition

Now that Kim Klassen's Beyond Beyond class is winding down (I have 3 weeks left to do), I'm taking the time to participate in her Texture Tuesday showcases where people who use her beautiful textures show what they've done with them.   It's been a blessing and a joy to just PLAY, adding texture and text to an image.  Nothing fancy.  No frustrations with trying to wrestle something out of PSE or LightRoom.   These days, this is how I relax!

Here's the recipe for the image above :

Layer 1 : Background image, cropped.
Layer 2 : KK's Stamped Right 2 Texture ; Soft Light at 41% opacity
Layer 3 : KK's Paper Stained Light ; Multiply at 51%
Layer 4 : KK's Storm Texture ; Soft Light at 100%
Layer 5 : Text - CK Ali's Hand Font

Check out what everyone else posted for this week's TT.



Beverly said...

This is just beautiful Michele!! I love how the tulips relaxed in such a lovely way! Great texture work!

Michele Matucheski said...

Thank you, Beverly. It's such a JOY to work up some of these images because I want to--not because it's an assignment, or I'm learning something new. It just feels good to create!

Michele Matucheski said...
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Christine K. said...

gorgeous textured photo!