Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Texture Tuesday - Black and White Edition

 Ivy Leaf Version 1

After 2-1/2 years of classes with Kim Klassen, I finally feel like I know enough to participate in her regular Texture Tuesday challenges.  This week is black and white.   There are so many ways to do BW!   With this, I was trying to get an Ansel Adams-type effect where everything just kind of glows with a silver light. Luminosity!  I don't think I got there, but I do like what I came up with.

Ivy Leaf Version 2

 Yet another version : This one is the Holga-ish Filter in Picassa.  This was the first one I tried.  I liked it, but the vignette seemed a little heavy and dark.   So I played some more with it.   I wound up using several RadLab filters and a KK magic texture to lighten it up a bit.

Here's the original photo straight-out-of-my camera.  One of the "gutter pics" from a recent trip to France (Yeah--I know.  How mundane.  We were in France, for cripes sake, and I'm looking down at my feet!   That's my ordinary, I guess.   Becs at Catching Sundust reminded me that "Your ordinary is anything but ordinary."  What I SEE is anything but ordinary.  And so, I worked it up into something more ...

Although I love green, it is over-powering here.  It needed to be knocked back some ...  but how to do it?  There are various filters you can use for BW treatments.  Picassa has them; LightRoom has presets; PSE has treatments, too.  Even a simple desaturation treatment with various sliders and levels.

Here are the recipes :

Ivy Leaf Version 1
Background Image
RadLab : LightsOut + SuperFunHappy + Magical BW + Old Skool + EasyBurn2
Kim Klassen2 (magic texture) : Screen blend mode; 14% opacity

Ivy Leaf Version 2
Backgorund Image
Holga-ish FIlter (Picassa)
RadLab : EdgeBlur + Divine Light +SuperFunHappy
Kim Klassen2 (magic texture) : Soft Light 38%

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Nikki said...

Very beautiful. Thanks for sharing how you created these.