Thursday, September 25, 2014

New Projects

What do you think of this color combination for a disappearing 9-patch quilt?
I'm going to use Borderline Quilter's tutorial.

This one (above) looks kinda like the curly willow tree outside our living room windows.  
Definitely something familiar about it!

This one might be the closest to what I had in mind, but it's lacking forest green blotches in the mix.I had a little patch of green that I wanted to use from my stash.  Unfortunately, it was a fabric sold probably 10 years ago, and no longer available anywhere.  So I had to look for something similar ...  I guess any one of these will do.

This one is a little too mossy.

It's so hard to visualize the finished quilt with just the whole fabrics. Maybe I could work all 3 greens into the mix?

This will be one of my projects at the October Quilt Camp.

2) Here's a sneak peak at a new project on the triangle loom.  Cozy and warm Alpaca wool yarn.  So soft!  This one might just be done in time for Christmas, J! Weaving goes pretty fast once you get started.   ;-) Don't worry -- It won't be this lacey once it comes off the loom and the tension is gone.

3) I have an idea that is starting to running wild, combining my love of Story with a crazy patchwork polar bear, and Northern Lights.  I bought a kit at a local quilt shop this summer, but I don't think I'm going to actually use any of the fabrics included.  That's ok--into the stash they'll go for some other time.  Now to collect the stuff I'm seeing and requiring in my head ... beads, lace, linen, velvet, wool, flannel--anything cream-colored will work.  Ahhh!  I love it when a plan comes together!  I am so looking forward to seeing this one come into the real world!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, aren't YOU the busy one! Nice to see you getting excited about these projects and looking forward to Quilt Camp. I DO find it amazing how colors can change ever so slightly from year to year making it absolutely impossible to find the exact green (or in my case, blue) as an older one in one's stash. Why we think it so important is a good question. Had we not seen that particular green (or blue), the other choices would probably seem fine.

At any rate, looking forward to seeing how your disappearing 9-patch comes out. That's a pattern I've always admired but have never made. Maybe I'll get to it yet! And your talk of polar bears makes me think I should tackle a long languishing idea for a polar bear in a snow storm - no lie!