Saturday, September 06, 2014

String Improvisations : 2 Potholders and a Pillow

I had 6 extra blocks leftover from the Black-White-and-Red String Quilt.  At first I sewed them together 2x3, but that seemed a little wide for a table runner.  Then I thought I could pull them apart into the current configuration : 2 single potholders, and a 2x2 pillow.    This is such a great and easy way to put together single blocks for potholders.  I made these 2 for my Sweetie who does most of the cooking at our house.  Big enough for his hands, with 2 layers of batting for extra protection from any hot pans.  Works like 2 charms!

I haven't quilted the big quilt yet.  Since I hadn't pre-washed the fabric nor the muslin foundations [I know--I know : I've been on the lookout for the Quilt Police ever since!], I wanted to do a test run with these smaller blocks.

The perfect pillow for my reading nook on the porch!

The verdict is that I think I'll be just fine. I was actually hoping that the foundation fabric would shrink up more than it did.  I know the Hobbs 80/20 batting will shrink up in the bed quilt.  That's what gives it that nice antique-y look and feel.   This old mattress pad in these smaller pieces didn't shrink at all.  It's been washed so many times, it's done shrinking--but then, that's the beauty of such materials.

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