Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Texture Tuesday : Vision with Action

 Vision with Action
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It's been a heck of a week!  Busy with one thing after another ...   This background image has been sitting in my archive for a couple of years now-- I shot it in the basement windowsill of an artist space here in town.   The light was beautiful, and the props were nicely set.     You can even see a partial reflection of the model.   I always called this guy Action-Man, because he appears to be in perpetual motion.  Running ragged?  Running TO something?  Running away?  Just running?   I decided to add the star so he'd be reaching toward something -- striving -- stretching, and that changed the mood from frenetic to focused (something I needed to do in my own mind this weekend!).  The star also balanced the ball of twine in the opposite corner.

I looked at a lot of quotes on action -- mostly from BIG men of the world who were risk-takers, and do-ers, not necessarily thinkers or visionaries.     Their quotes didn't quite mark the sentiment I was going for, until I found this one by Nelson Mandela, affectionately known as Madiba.  Action for itself may not get the desired results.  Indeed, action alone could be disastrous - It may get you out of danger in a fight or flight scenario, it can also create bigger problems to re-act or act rashly.  Vision was the missing key : You've got to have vision, too.  Not much happens with Vision without the goals and the plan to make it happen.  Great things can happen when Vision and Action are married together. 

Here's the Photo Processing Recipe :
Layer 1) Background image.
Layer 2) Copy Layer 1 - Screen Blend Mode - 20% Opacity
Layer 3) Star Brush - Hard Light 96%
Layer 4) Kim Klassen's Sepia Scratched Texture - Soft Light 51%
Layer 5) Copy Layer 4 - Multiply 30%
Layers 6 + 7) Text - Clive Barker Font with FB Buttercream (Change)
Layer 8) 2LO Cracked 10 Texture - Soft Light 100%
Layer 9) Kim Klassen Scratched Magic Texture - Screen 38%
Layer 10) Color Fill Frame (Black) - Soft Light 46%

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The Idaho Beauty said...

This is a really important and powerful concept that too often gets forgotten. It is similar to the subject of a recent Daily Om, that we should remember to pause and take a breath before we react, something that can shift the energy of the outcome. That pause can create the potential to move beyond reaction into "the more subtle and creative realm of response, where something new can happen." I loved that thought of something new...