Saturday, April 25, 2015

2LO Texture-Making Class Lesson 4 : Waterlogged

I'm continuing on with 2 Lil' Owls Texture-Making Class.  Real paper -- real paints -- real textures.  Just look at all these gorgeous colors!

This technique kind of reminded me of Ann Johnston's color by accident, where you through all your leftover dye into a vase with your fabric, and let it seep in where it likes.  It's really pretty amazing that the colors stay distinct and don't just turn into mud as you might expect.

Basically, you throw the color at the paper until it's good and wet, then you dry it -- and things come out surprisingly muted and nicely blended. 

I LOVE this technique!


This is how it looked on the drawing board while it was still wet.  Pretty muddy -- but by the time it dried, it turned into this :


This one with the browns and golds and grays came out the prettiest of the whole set!  This is one I think I could actually use layered into a photo--as is!

 I love this one, too!

I've been aching all week to do more of these ...  but work and other commitments have kept me from the studio.  Now I can take more time to play with color and light and water!

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