Saturday, April 25, 2015

Fun with KaliedaKamera App

KaliedaCam is the App for which I've been waiting my whole life.  Truly!   This is the thing that had me staring into my iPhone more than anything else.      Remember the Kaleidoscope quilts I did a few years ago -- every block different --  I stayed up late to work on them, curious to see how each one would turn out.   You can point it at anything -- the most mundane things come out  as beautiful works of art.  I think the original vista above was lace curtains with Christmas lights strung up on them.

The only improvement I'd make to this app is to allow a recording feature so you can keep the kaleidescope changes as they happen.  Maybe it is there, and I haven't found that little utility yet.

It really is a nifty little app!  And only 99 cents for hours of entertainment!  My husband was so impressed, he had to get a copy, too.  And a few of my friends, too!

Here are a few more of my favorites :

Eole's Star

Arabian Nights

 Royal Gala

Wood Pile

Primary Colors Star




Yellow Starburst

Emerald City


Green Starburst

Come Go with Me

July Red (Cancer)



farmlady said...

These are beautiful, Michele. What fun. I will take a look at your link. Thanks.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Stop stop stop!!! This is my weakness, as you well know. Thank goodness I don't have a smart phone - bad enough that I have a program on my computer that does this. Talk about sucking up hours if one's not careful - but what beautiful results! Some of these are quite spectacular.