Monday, May 04, 2015

2LO Texture-making Class : Acrylics

Painted Acrylic Textures
The large image is the one that I actually painted.  
The other 2 versions I manipulated in Picassa with various settings.
It's pretty amazing how many looks you can get out of a single original image.
This one turned out to be my favorite from this set.

Continuing with lessons from 2 Lil Owls Texture-Making class with Denise Love.  This lesson focused on Acrylics.   It's a very different medium, compared to the watercolors.  The acrylic paint is "sticky" in comparison.  I kept feeling like I was wasting the paint when I went to wash the brushes.  I wasn't all that impressed -- until I digitized these textures!  I learned to use my scanner for this lesson, too. 

Here's another one.  
The original didn't come out looking like much to write home about (the large one) ...  
But as soon as I tweaked it a bit, it's true beauty came out in a light blue and a sepia version.  
You can really see the brush strokes after tweaking.

Again, it's pretty amazing what a few simple adjustments can do to change the look of a texture.
The original is on the left--as painted.

I squeezed 4 looks out of this one texture.  
The original is the dark blue square in the upper left quadrant.

There were a few more, but these were the best in the set.


The Idaho Beauty said...

You should try keeping a piece of muslin or other solid color cotton nearby to expend your brushes on. It's a bit like the mop cloth when dyeing idea. Eventually you'll have it covered in marks and blobs and interesting textures depending upon how you expend the paint. It kills me to wash the acrylic paint down the drain so I follow this suggestion that I got from a book. It's absolutely amazing how much paint is left after you think you've used most of it up on your real project/painting.

Eija said...

You know, when I first ran into this class at 2LO, I thought of you, thinking it would be exactly the kind of thing you'd enjoy. :-) And it was the next day, I think, when you posted your first entry about the course. It's been a pleasure following you. Lovely textures you've created!