Saturday, May 30, 2015

Golden Dreams and a Dragonfly

It's been a while since I posted a photograph worked up with layers in PSE.  And I thought it was about time I actually DID something with these textures I've been creating ...  Hence this Golden Dreams Dragonfly was born on a rainy Saturday afternoon!

Layer 1)  I started with one of the gelatine print textures from last week.
I call this one Golden Dreams.   I doctored up the upper right corner before I set to work with the rest. 
Layer 2) Swirling Snowflake Brush by Linda Nelson at Pixel Berry Pie  in the corners - Overlay Blend Mode at  67% opacity
Layer 3) Dragonfly Brush (my own!) - Soft Light 100%

Although there are some free dragonfly brushes out there, they were too small to fill the space I needed, so I made my own from this picture of a real life specimen who happened into my vicinity a few years ago.   I'm really happy with the way it turned out!

Layer 4) Copy Layer 3 - Soft Light 80%
Layer 5)  Obsidian Dawn Swirl Brushes in the corners - Soft Light 100% (added last)
Layer 6) Text : Dream- Change-Joy - Zapfino Font - Overlay 65%
I looked up the symbolic meaning of Dragonfly, and these were some of the key ideas.  How's that for a positive spin on change?  After some input from a thoughtful friend in Sweden, I changed the words a bit to the modified version at the top of this post.  The original words were : Dream, Joy, Change.  I thought Dream-Imagine-Create elevated this piece even higher.   Here's the first version :

Layer 7) Color Fill Frame (a la Kim Klassen) - black - Soft Light 65%

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Marvelous on so many levels!