Monday, July 06, 2015

Barn with Coffee Twister

 Here's my rendering in PhotoShop Elements.
It includes a couple of my coffee textures -- One of which happened to look like a tornado.
It tells a story ...

Here's the sepia version, done with The Coffee Shop's Mocha Velvet Action.

The Black and white version done with The Coffee Shop's Grainy Black & White Action, reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz back in Kansas--except this is Wisconsin.

The original photo (background image) of a Wisconsin Barn I started with,
somewhere around Lake Winnebago.   An overcast day, but no tornadoes in real life.

Here's the processing layer-by-layer:
Layer 1) Background image - Wisconsin Barn

Layer 2) My Coffee Texture 4964 - Multiply blend mode at 100%
Layer 3) Copy Layer 2 - Multiply at 52%

Layer 4) My Coffee Texture 4945 - Multiply 35%
Layer 5) 2LO Fairy Tales 11 Texture - Multiply 55%
Layer 6) Copy Layer 5 - Overlay 57%
Layer 7) Blue Photo Filter - Normal 100%
Layer 8)   Here's where the 3 images differ :

The first one used The Coffee Shop Blog's Storybook Vintage Action.  It didn't change it much from my rendering, but it did add a nice glow to it. 

The second one (sepia) used The Coffee Shop Blog's Mocha Velvet Action.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I was focused on the coffee part thinking about the drp & run of spilling coffee over the page so missed the tornado reference until you pointed it out. But you are right! It is positioned perfectly & does indeed look like an ominous tornado lurking in the background.