Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Watermelon Dress


I did some dyeing this weekend.  
I had watermelon on my mind ...  Quintessential Summer colors.

 Doesn't this say watermelon to you?

I used my Candied Fabrics periodic table of colors to choose just the right watermelon red and green for this project.    I mixed up all the primary dye stocks again, so I'd have a supply to play this summer when I can retreat to the cool basement on hot days.

Rough sketch of my dye plan.  I may still add some buttons to play the beads, but then 
-- most watermelons these days are seedless.
6-4-0 Forest Green from the Earth Triad set.

Unfortunately, the 7-0-3 Sky triad watermelon red didn't come out as planned.  I tested it on the paper before committing to the fabric.  Could be my dyes are a couple of years old again.  Could be I had lemon yellow from ProChem and not Dharma (Both their lemon yellows are quite different.)  As I was mixing the proposed watermelon red, it was coming out more like blood -- I added more boysenberry, and it only made it rustier.   Hmmmh -- Back to square one with color choices.

I wound up picking a straight Fuschia -- which has tamed itself (thankfully!) since it was new.  Usually fuschia is way too much for me--over the top and I avoid it.

I didn't actually use all that much dye, either.  Rayon is kinder than cotton that way.  Painted on with a foam brush applicator.

I used this basic technique from Dharma Trading Company on their oh-so-comfortable summer Swing Dress. 


Vicki W said...

What a fun dress!

Anonymous said...

Neat Very creative.
--Joanne Drake

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! I love the pictures that look red in color. Can you vary the color or was that just random?
Catherine P.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, don't YOU look ready for summer. Yes, it indeed says watermelon. You are probably right that the age of the dye is what made the color off. Someone (can't remember who) actually did a test of all her old dyes, and while most stayed true to the color of fresh dyes but perhaps not as strong, the reds definitely did something different as they aged. Not unusable, just not reliable as to what you will get.