Friday, July 17, 2015

Mixing Water Colors

I bought a set of liquid water colors, so I set out to mix colors last weekend.  This should be a lifetime supply for me.  Lots of other plans for these liquid watercolors ...

From 2 sets of 3 primaries, I got all these colors.
It never ceases to amaze me that you can get all these colors from 3 simple colors : 
Yellow - Blue - and Red.

It was loosely based on the color mixing we did in Candied Fabrics Dye Class a few years ago.  The numbers tell you how much of each primary color to include.  For this adaptation, if the color code is 7-3-2, it tells me to mix 7 drops yellow; 3 drops blue; and 2 drops red--all eye-dropped into a little plastic bathroom cup (reusable once washed) -- shaken to mix, then I can paint it onto the little squares as a color key. 

This is what I got when I mixed the given colors in the set of 10 with equal parts of every other color in the set--just one at a time.

I didn't really think about the plan / layout of this chart, so there are some duplicates color swatches.  It still tells me what to mix to get the approximate desired colors.
This created a lot of little leftover cups of color, so I made a new set of water color textures.  The real reason for this exercise was to have a palette of colors to work with in creating some new textures. 

Since the colors are concentrated, I sprayed some water into the cups to dilute it a bit, and water it down some.  (Even if they dry out, you can still spray some water in to reconstitute them.)  Then I chose 3 or 4 colors and randomly poured them onto the watercolor paper, then spread them out to cover the page.  Then used the heat tool to speed dry it.  Got some great new textures.

Here are some of my favorites from this set.  In most cases, I poured 3 colors from the new palettes onto the watercolor paper :


The Idaho Beauty said...

You have more patience than I have to create charts like that. But it's what one needs to do to keep from wasting time and becoming frustrated with hit and miss mixing.

Goodness, if nothing else, having all those leftovers surely let you create some incredible pieces on watercolor paper. So envious!

Liz aka Fibergeek said...

Love this project.

I also took Candy's class and loved it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful results Such talent!
--Joann Drake