Sunday, October 04, 2015

Carla's Antique Buttons

Last week, I  visited with my new friend Carla S. who has a fantastic house filled with books and antiques, and 101 little photo vignettes.  You'll be seeing photos from her house in coming weeks.  Before I left, I gave her a bar of soap for allowing me to come in and disturb her afternoon.   She seemed pleased to have the company, and let me pick a number of antique buttons from her vast collections.  She has drawers-full of buttons, and books to study them.   I'm always looking for buttons to use for closures on my journals.

 Aren't these some beauties!

Thank you, Carla!

Here are a few more of Carla's favorite buttons (in her own hands) :


Vicki W said...

Cool buttons!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Indeed they are - that should get your creative juices flowing!