Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spooky Spider on Velvet

Just back from a lovely weekend with Quilting Friends at Lake Lucerne (aka Quilt Camp) in Neshkoro, WI.

This Spider Web was my Friday night "warm-up" project.    I've been thinking about making this little spider web quiltie for some time now.  And this was the perfect opportunity to bring it into the real world and get it done.

I thought it would be quick and easy to stitch out the spider web, and attach the spider ...  but the stitching kept getting buried in the velvet pile.   I had to go over the lines again and again with additional stitching until the stood out.  It took most of the evening on Friday.  The velvet is from a pair of pants that got a little too thin in certain areas.  (Nope!  I'm not afraid to use materials other than cotton in my work.)  For the batting, I used a piece of an old mattress pad (not too old, but old enough to have lost the parts that hold it onto the mattress) -- It also served as the stabilizer to keep the velvet under control.  When it was done, I added the backing fabric and enveloped it, turned it inside out, and added the spider.

The Spider (Isn't is a lovely specimen?) came from the gift shop at the hospital where I work.  It's a spooky brooch for Halloween (as if you couldn't tell).   Perfect!

How did I hang this little piece?  Two triangles in the top corners, and a stick.  Simple as that.

The best part of the weekend was 1) doing what I love best (artsy-fartsy-type quilting, free-motion embroidery and free-motion quilting,  2) sitting across from my old friends Laura R., Shirley and new friend Deborah 3) hearing other people's interest in this style of quilting 4) seeing what everyone else is working on -- .  We're even talking about starting a small Art Quilt Group again.  I would LOVE that support and camaraderie.

It was a productive weekend for me. I made good progress on a couple of other projects (aka UFOs) that have been dogging me since 2008 (or so).  I'll be showing those in the coming days ....

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