Thursday, October 08, 2015

Gray Faux Leather Journal with Flap : Journal Number 117

Detail : Durable Poly Clay Button (made by me).

Gray Faux Leather Journal with Flap : Journal Number 117
  • Looks like leather, but it's fabric
  • Hand Bound
  • Handmade Poly Clay Button Closure 
  • Purple Yarn Closure
  • 3 Signatures = 60 Pages total
  • Antique-Laid Paper Stationary
  • Pocket in back
  • Size : 9 in x 6-1/4 in
  • $25.00

If you like what you see, you can purchase this Journal at my Sweet Leaf Productions Shop at Etsy.

It's official!  My Sweet Leaf Productions Shop at Etsy is open for business!

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1 comment:

The Idaho Beauty said...

I am SOOO drawn to leather-bound journals - even faux ones. I'm collecting pictures and patterns and simply must get off my duff and make some up. Nearly purchased a suede leather jacket at Goodwill for under 8 bucks that would not have been a travesty to cut up and would have yielded many many covers, but decided I didn't need more of this sort of thing cluttering my room up at the moment. I do know I wouldn't get to it for awhile and Goodwill with their inexpensive leather goods isn't going anywhere soon. ;-)