Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Handwork : Sparkly and Lacey Cowl

I recently finished this crocheted cowl.  The house is cold enough in winter that I need a little extra something around my neck to ward off the drafts.  And I like the bling!

The Yarn :
3 skeins of Yarn Bee Diva Sequins- Maui
I don't think this is available anymore, but I did find a page of alternative sequined yarns.

The pattern is from here.  Very easy.  This is the third one I've made, so far.  You get into a nice meditative state while crocheting this pattern.  



The Idaho Beauty said...

I have been surprised at how almost overheated I get wearing some of the cowls and fashion scarves I've made over the last few years. I've always known I needed to keep my neck wrapped up when out in the cold or find myself chilled even with a heavy coat, but didn't realize how very little of a wrap one needs to hold in the heat. Yours is quite beautiful - why not treat yourself to some daily bling?!

Michele Matucheski said...

I went in search of luscious new yarns (bling included), but it seems all those pretty variegated yarns are gone -- no longer available at Jo-Ann's or Hobby Lobby or even Walmart. They've been replaces by ugly blue and pink. Curse Pantone!