Saturday, December 05, 2015

Stolen Moments : A Series of Art Quilts Inspired by the Songs of John Hiatt

It occurred to me that it would make sense to have a single post that showed all three of the John Hiatt quilts (so far).  So here it is :

Spark in the Back of my Mind
Based on John Hiatt's song, Back of My Mind.

 Northern Lights / Rivers of Light
Based on John Hiatt's song, Seven Little Indians.

Mama Let You Lick the Spoon
Based on John Hiatt's song, Angel.

I'm calling the series "Stolen Moments" after one of my all-time favorite John Hiatt's albums.  
Thank you for the inspiration, Mr Hiatt!

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Anonymous said...

OMG – those quilts are mind blowingly beautiful. I especially love the Northern Lights one. I have always wanted to experience the Northern Lights so that one “speaks to me.” Your designs are breathtaking, the colors and patterns incredible. I know you love being a librarian but you have such a gift as a creator of magic using material!
--Kellee S.