Monday, January 04, 2016

Jumping Trout Mug Rug

My Mom gave me this wonderful wool mug rug for Christmas.  I absolutely love it!

I'd seen it in her sewing room in November, and blatantly attached a note to it saying : "I want this.--Michele."  I guess she got the hint.  ;-)

She didn't make it, but it is worth sharing.  The quilt shop in her town was selling off 25 years-worth of samples and down-scaling for a different focus.   She must have gotten a deal on it.


The Idaho Beauty said...

That really is wonderful! And hey - if you don't ask... lol. Sometimes we are just waiting for someone to show an interest in something and then we can pass it on happily knowing it will be appreciated. A few of my art quilts have gone to new homes that way.

Diane said...

It's beautiful and that's a mother's love for you. Warms my heart.