Sunday, February 28, 2016

Carrying Case for Singer Featherweight


With the Mondo Bag class the last few weeks, and actually traveling with the Featherweight, I decided that the handle on the original carrying case was in "fragile" condition, meaning "it could go at any time."  It would break my heart to drop this beauty because the leather handle failed.  Not much leather left holding it onto the metal clips anymore. 

Here's my new carrying case, made (for the most part) on the Singer 221 Featherweight.
The lining in quilted to some batting.  In hindsight, I would quilt through all three layers, if I did it again.   For the pattern, I took apart a re-usable /recyclable grocery bag (It was about the right size -- the featherweight case fit inside).  That way, I didn't have to think too hard about measurements--I just traced the pattern.)

 Side view.

I spent some time fussy-cutting the fabric for the bag so that the birds would show.  In the end, I rolled the tops down so I could actually open the latches on the case easier, and the bird heads were covered by the rolled rim.   So ...

I decided to make one more piece--a cover/topper for the carrying bag, that doubles as a matt for the little 221 to sit on when in use.    It's the only place you can actually SEE the blue birds as intended. 

 The cover pieces is attached with some buttons and ever-versatile hair ties.

 The Featherweight sitting on it's little matt, which doubles as the cover for the carrying case. 

That's 2 projects completed on this little beauty!  We're getting to know each other.  Seems like I should have a name for her (like I name my cars) ...  I'm leaning towards Millie (short for Mildred). 

On another note (Sheila, this one's for you, as I suspect you're the only one who might make it this far ;-)  How do you like the backdrop in first and last photo above?  A friend gave me some dinner napkins as she knew I could dye them to give them a whole new life.  This one came out like storm clouds.   With what I've learned about PhotoShop and Textures, I'm much more conscious of the backdrops in my project photos now.  Funny --  I started with PhotoShop and Photography because I wanted to improve the pics on my blog -- sort of.  The PSE and Texture work kind of took on a life of their own, and makes the quilting and craft pics look not so polished.  Well --to be honest, essentially they are just snapshots of the creative work I've done.  Not every photo needs to be finished and polished with texture added [Here, I'm just trying to convince myself ...]

Thanks for staying with me this long. 


The Idaho Beauty said...

Well, you got me - and it gave me quite a laugh. Well, of COURSE I read every word clear to the end but I too wonder just how many of my own readers stick with me through my often lengthy posts.

Such a good idea to make a tote for the Featherweight even though it has a hard case. I used to carry my serger to a work group in a large canvas tote that was just the right size - so much easier than dealing with the handle of the machine through a flimsy cover.

I don't know why people are so astounded at how well these little machines sew. One does not have to have a motherboard to hum along. I've only sewn on one of these once - way back in junior high. Our pastor's wife had one (don't know the model) and invited a small group of us girls to the parsonage to help make small stuffed animals. I had the most experience with a sewing machine so I was assigned sewing the seams. I was surprised when the pastor's wife commented how straight my stitching was - well, isn't everyone's? Now I know better! But I do remember that narrow presser foot - so much smaller than what was on the machine I used at home, and was enchanted with how it worked.

So glad you are getting familiar with it and putting it to good use. Loved the bag in the previous post.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention how clever that dual purpose mat that came to be because of a design oops. So nice to have something to set the machine on and pretty handy attaching it over the opening of the tote with those hair ties.