Sunday, February 28, 2016

Mondo Bag

I took a class at Going to Pieces Quilt Shop in Appleton, WI, to make a Mondo Bag.  It was a good chance to try my little Singer Feaatherweight on a real project.  Straight line sewing, for the most part.  The fabric is leftover scraps from the 2 black-red-and-white string quilts I made.

If you're wondering how to make a Mondo Bag, see the pattern above.  You can also purchase extra fusible interfacing in case you want to make more, but already own the instructions.    From what they say, no one makes just one!  I'll pan on making another one at Quilt Camp in April.  ;-)

This is a really thorough page on making one in a workshop via Margaret Moorehead and Sue Houseman.  Lots of pictures.

 Here are each of my 4 panels, in case you're wondering about the layout, and how I manged the reds and blacks.  Reds in the corners marked for Centers and Handles. 

See--I really was sewing on this little vintage 1941 Singer sewing machine.  It worked great -- much better than my go-to machine at the moment!  The funny thing was--There were 4 people in the class.  I was the youngest at 45 years old.  The other ladies had relatively new Viking Husqvarna's -- which is my usual machine, but for this I wanted to do something on the 221--in an effort to get-to-know-her--o see how she runs.   Even the teacher was surprised it ran so well, and that I didn't have any problems.  Apparently, she had one for a while, and wasn't so lucky.

 Inside the bag, is a foam-core square covered with fabric,  On the underside, it's taped on with painter's tape.    The square give the bag some stability, and hopefully the bag won't sag once I put something into it.  There's a lot of room here!

 The bottom of the bag where the 4 red center corners meet. 

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