Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Missives from Quilt Camp - Spring 2016

Officially finished Aidin's Quilt.  Just needed to add the "secret messages" in the borders.
There will be a separate post documenting the making of that quilt, to be posted after it has been gifted to the young man.

Not much contrast as it's meant to be a "secret message," therefore subtle.

Finished putting together Rosita's Wedding Ring Quilt for her grand-daughter.  Even added another row (4x4).  Not nearly so hard as it might have been, as long as you use the notches to mark the centers, pin and take your time (go slow ...).  It went much faster than I thought it would have -- It was all together by 3 pm on Saturday with me wishing I'd brought some batting and my basting boards so I could envelope it, and start on the quilting.  Another day ... 

Laying out the blocks for The Wedding Ring Quilt.
It didn't really matter how I laid them out.  Rosita mixed the colors in the football shapes so well that any layout seemed to work just fine. 

 The Wedding Ring Top is complete.  
I added an extra row at Quilt camp to make it a 4x4.

Polar Bear and ice flow are assembled.  Couldn't bring myself to start stitching down the applique part  -- sometimes I need a good breather between one stage and the next of any given project.


1 sheet of composed fabric made from scraps from Aidin's Quilt in blues, purples, grays with a few other scraps.  The quilting in lines was inspired by LuAnn Kessi's Quilting Journals.  This is also good practice for me for free-motion quilting.  Destined to be journal covers later in the summer.  Also considering making small beaded art quilts out of them, too -- Larkin Van Horn Style.

This was at Silver Birch Ranch outside of Langlade, WI, not far from where I grew up.  Ma sat across the table from me.  Nice to spend the time together, even if we didn't talk much. 

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Busy girl! I know what you mean about the comfort of being in a loved one's presence, not much talking required sometimes. That polar bear is terrific, Aiden's quilt beautiful. I'm happy the wedding ring quilt went together well and how nice to be making up journal covers from the leftovers of Aiden's quilt. Sounds like a great weekend. :-)