Saturday, April 02, 2016

Sirena Blue - Variations on a Theme

Playing with PhotoShop Elements 14 and Topaz this afternoon.

Wow!  I love the way this turned out!
The original image, with Topaz Impression Georgia O'Keefe 2 filter.
Then cropped for the close-up.

 Here's the larger image, with the Georgia O'Keefe 2 filter from Topaz.

Here's another version.  This one uses Topaz Impression's Warm Haze 2 Filter.
Also nice in it's own way.

Here's the original photo, taken at The Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha, WI. 

The performer is one of the talented ladies from Sirena.   If you don't know this group, check them out -- You may be as mesmerized as I was.  And that is what these Sirens do best!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I just got lost in your work on your blog - so beautiful I have a nephew who would love that crocheted scarf pattern he and his wife do crocheting together and that stitch is gorgeous! But all your posts are so interesting if we lived closer I would pester u to teach me photo shop ... ! I will follow you too nice meeting u this afternoon:) -- Lisa Murphy